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Installing plugins on your Minecraft server

Minecraft plugins enhance gameplay by adding new features, mechanics, or modifications to your server. Installing plugins on your Minecraft server allows you to customize the experience for yourself and your players. This guide will walk you through the steps required to install plugins on a Minecraft server, whether you’re using a hosting service or hosting it yourself.

Step 1 : Logging into the game panel

To login into the game panel, follow instructions here.

Step 2 : Accessing the ‘plugins’ folder in your files

To access your plugins folder, first you have to go onto your server’s files. To do that, click the ‘Files’ button on the sidebar.

Step 3 : Locating the ‘plugins’ folder

Locate the ‘plugins’ folder in your servers files. If you don’t have a plugins folder, that means you don’t have the correct Minecraft version. By default, our Minecraft servers have the latest version of Minecraft installed with plugin support, you just have to make sure you download the plugin for the right version of Minecraft (example – 1.20.4)

Step 4 : Uploading plugins to your Minecraft server

Once your in your ‘plugins’ folder, click the ‘Upload’ button on your screen and upload the plugin you have downloaded. Make sure your plugin matches the right Minecraft version or it probably won’t work!

Step 5 : Testing to see if your plugin works

After you’ve uploaded your plugin, restart your server. If your terminal shows there are no errors, and that the plugin was enabled, your good to go! If an error showed up, then the plugin your trying to upload probably isn’t compatible with your Minecraft version, or you haven’t installed the dependencies needed for that plugin.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed a plugin on your Minecraft server, enhancing gameplay and customising the experience for yourself and your players. By following these steps and exploring the vast array of available plugins, you can create a unique and engaging Minecraft server environment tailored to your preferences.

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